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        What it was like growing up in Avondale!

I am often asked what it was like to grow up in Avondale! I have lived in Avondale for almost my entire life. My parents opened a garage in Avondale in 1947 and then moved across from where Agua Fria High School is now in 1950. They have been in business continuously for over 65 years and my dad even helped draft and signed the first Avondale City Charter. He built many specialty cars for the Billy Moore Days parade and most of the rides for the Avondale Carnival. Although, I can’t tell you how much he has seen it change (he is still alive and well at the age of 92 by the time this comes out and building motors or doing engine machine work every day in his shop),   I can tell you the changes I have witnessed.

The homes we live in now and even I-10 were not here when I was a kid. They were farm fields or government housing. The rivers ran often and many times flooded. Dysart Road basically ended just North of where I-10 is now (we used to drag race North on Dysart from Van Buren) and the nearest sit down restaurant was at 43rd Ave and Indian School Rd. Most of the local business were agriculturally related and all were locally owned. The Goodyear blimps landed here regularly and it was common to see a coyote, bobcat or fox at Dysart and Thomas and deer on Estrella Golf Course.

I know I am reminiscing about the “good ole days” but my point is this. My parents were in business here for 65 years with only two major facets to their business plan. 

1. Maintain your word and reputation as fair, honorable and honest.

2. Treat other people like you would want to be treated.

Obviously, this philosophy set deep roots in my personal and business philosophy although it may not have at the time. I can remember arguing with my father about why he would put Freon in a car for no labor charge and that he was leaving profit on the table. Sure enough, when that same customer had major problems with their car, they always came back. Of course I was wrong!

I believe in this philosophy of business very similar to the old “handshake” method of doing business. Just because you can now do your entire home shopping online or sign a contract to purchase a home on your phone, doesn't alleviate the agents involved from being honest, honorable and placing the client’s interest ahead of their own.

With all the trials and tribulations, as well as the frustrations experienced by a huge majority of homeowners in Arizona over the past 5 years, I believe it is time to reintroduce the “handshake” philosophy back into the real estate market. It may be old fashioned and out of style (and impossible to actually close on a handshake due to real estate laws) but that does not change the intent of the parties involved. I may be naïve but a shift back to the old ways of doing business might actually be a good shift for our country right now.