Free Services Provided by Al Gage

1. Free Market Analysis of your home. This service includes accurate valuation by a local expert with intimate knowledge of pricing variations based on lakefront property, lot size differentials, subdivision differentials and the like. This is not a computer generated model with widespread deviations in value.

2. Free portal of homes for sale specifically matching you price range, area schools, subdivisions and other features desired. This also eliminates most of the missing information from commercial sites and provides instantly updated accurate information about availability and types of financing accepted.

3. Free analysis of your current financial situation including recommendations on how, where and what type of loan best fits your criteria. Expert agent in the area of financing with a team of lenders and escrow officers to best suit your needs.

4. Free analysis of rent versus buy or rent versus sale options for homeowners or homebuyers.

5. Free ongoing market report of Avondale area markets including the listings and sales specific to your subdivision on a monthly basis. Also includes a chance at free movie tickets drawn monthly.

Contact me at 623.536.8200 or for any of these services.