Organisms you have to disclose!

I know these may be gross things to talk about but they are all organisms you should disclose in the sale of your home EVEN if they have been eradicated!


1. Termites-A common problem in parts of our subdivisions.

2. Pigeons-Excessive droppings in one of the most hazardous things to remove.

3. Scorpions-Common but not excessive in our area.

4. Gophers and Roof Rats-I haven't heard of any roof rats but gophers are common.

5. Bed Bugs-difficult to eradicate and more common than ever.

6. Dry Rot (yes it is an organism) and Mold-difficult and expensive to remove. Do not attempt to cover up or self repair.

7. Snakes and other Reptiles-Yes even the little gecko’s by your light.

8. Coyotes and Javelina-the proximity to the riverbed provides access for both.

9. Bee Swarms-if a hive has ever settled on your property and left honey or comb, a future swarm is likely to invade the same space.

10. Rabid Animals-haven’t heard of any but always a possibility.