Why use an agent on a new build?

 New Builds

As new construction becomes more and more a part of our housing market (and there are some great ones including full RV Garages), it is important to keep a few things about new construction in mind. Most importantly, remember that the agent at the new construction site works exclusively for the builder. Although I cannot commonly negotiate a better deal or terms on the price of the home if I am brought in to represent the buyer, I can be very helpful in other areas. These areas include:

1. Discounting the sales commission on your existing home. Remember that in most cases I must accompany you on your first visit to the model homes so make sure to contact us before you start looking. 

2. Saving you time and energy in searching for the new builds that best suit you. We have access to new home searches that will greatly narrow your searches and find the best values.

3. Advice on the best financing available in your current situation. Even though in most cases, you will be using the lender provided by the builder (not required but usually incentives preclude effectively using another lender) , there are many different financing programs available with many pro’s and con’s to each.

4. Negotiating contingencies and clearly identifying the refundability or point of no return in any real estate contract situation.

5. Advising for and against different options offered. The $5,000 cabinet upgrade will probably not bring $5,000 in resale value any time soon. You need to have some idea of what the resale value of the options you are choosing will bring.