When is the best time to _______?

Sell? The timing of the sale really does not mean much. We sold more home in December of last year than we did in March! The traditional viewpoint that families move over the summer and don’t move during the holidays is just not as prevalent as it was twenty years ago. Moves based on the school year are not as likely. Just drive to any of the schools in the area at the end of the school day and you will see how many children get picked up by their parents or family.

Buy? Trying to make a buying decision based on the ups and downs of the real estate market is like trying to hit the 10 best stock market days out of the last twenty years. A real estate investment should be treated like the stock market, as a long term investment. If you put your money in a home, long term it will appreciate with the exception of our recent housing disaster. Again, move when you want or need to move and do not try to base it on waiting for the “good time” to put in on the market.

Refinance? It depends on the differential between the current rate and the existing rate. If it is not AT LEAST 1.5% difference between your current rate and the market rate, don’t do it. I know there are exceptions to every rule but pulling money out of the equity of your home is rarely a smart move except in dire emergency.

Rent instead of Selling? Unless you plan to be a professional landlord or hire us to manage your property, I would always recommend selling an unwanted home instead of renting it. Holding the home in order to wait for it to appreciate slightly can be a very disastrous investment either due to destruction by a tenant or a down turn in the market