The Best Agent in Phoenix?

There is a saying that all politics are local! Real estate is very much the same. You will find that there are several large teams that sell more homes overall than the Al Gage Team. There are some very large teams that advertise in a big way on radio and TV about how many homes they sell. These large teams have anywhere from 5-15 people working for them and you may find that if you hire them, you will never or at least rarely get to talk to the principal. Their production is based on a large number of listings scattered all over the valley and in many cases they sell higher priced homes in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley At our business, we are not striving to be the best agent in Phoenix because we live, work and were born in the West Valley and concentrate in the areas of Avondale, Goodyear and Litchfield Park. This is important to you because you live in Avondale and Litchfield Park.

Lets look at the actual numbers for 2014 from our area. Our area is defined as the area receiving this newsletter via mail or approximately 7500 homes. First lets look at overall statistics. Our team sold 250% or 2.5 times as many homes as our closes competition.

The closest competition also was a single client representative so in other words, all of the homes they sold were for one seller. If you go to the next closest competitors and average the top ten, then our team has sold an astounding 400% of that average or 4 times as many homes as the competition.

Other vital statistics include a price comparison. In 2014, our team’s average price per square foot was 101.29 (keep in mind the market went up significantly in 2014) whereas our competition’s average was 95.50 per square foot. $6 dollars per square foot equates to $12,000 on a $200,000 home. Days on the market is also a good indicator. Our team’s days on the market in 2014 was 32.1 days while the competitionn's was almost double at 61.51 days. It is very rare to find a business to represent you that has EVERY statistic in their favor. Interestingly enough, none of the large teams made the top ten in this area.