Top 40 Real Estate Songs!


I have included a list of the top 40 real estate songs of all time. Actually there is only 10 because that is all we have room for. They are from pop/rock and country genres but accurately describe the emotional highs and lows of a real estate transaction and also my attempt to be humorous.

Where the Green Grass Grows!  Everybody wants to live in this idyllic place from the Tim McGraw song where life is slow and easy and you point your rocking chair toward the west. The reality is most of the time we simply can’t afford that lifestyle. Here in Arizona, acreage or a home large enough to have a view is just downright expensive. The reality is that we live in a metropolitan area with six lanes, tail lights and are on track for another supper from a sack chasing the .99 cent heart attack. When I was a child, Avondale and Litchfield were map dots completely separate from the Phoenix Metro area but those days are long gone.

Wanted Dead or Alive!  Our marketing efforts are so effective right now combined with a strong market that we simply can’t keep inventory. If you want to get your house listed on the steel horse I ride give us a call. We will drive all night just to get you home as this Bon Jovi song says!

Meeting in the Middle! This Diamond Rio song starts out with “it was 700 fenceposts from your place to mine”. Sometimes when we are negotiating it feels like we are miles a part or in reality thousands of dollars a part. We are very experienced, successful negotiators but not miracle workers. The song goes on to say “We'd gain a lot of ground, 'Cause we'd both give a little, And their ain't no road to long, When you meet in the middle.” Sage advice in almost every negotiating scenario.

Every Rose has Its Thorn! This Poison song is self-explanatory. If you are looking for that perfect home with no wiggle room, your chances of success go way down. EVERY home has a few flaws either in deferred maintenance or minor repairs. We are experts at negotiating these repairs from both sides and providing contractor information that can be utilized to perform the repairs at reasonable price.

Hit the Road, Jack!  This Ray Charles classic sums up the situation in which you may find yourself. When that buyer or seller is just too unrealistic or inflexible sometimes you just have to move on down the road. Our job, as agents, is to shield our clients from this intractable actor and preserve the transaction. There is a reason that almost 80% of all for sale by owner transactions fail to close without this shielding of principals from each other.

Jump! In today’s real estate practice and with all of the new laws and time periods, you are going to feel like you are stuck in this classic Van Halen song. As they used to say in the Army, “hurry up and wait”. When it comes to closing, many of the documents are absolutely an emergency and if they are delayed by even a few hours, signings and closings can be delayed unnecessarily. We strive to make this is as easy as possible but time frames are time frames.

Don’t ask Me No Questions! This Lynyrd Skynrd classic say “Don’t ask me no questions and I won’t tell you no lies.” The biggest place that you as a party to a transaction can get into trouble in failing to disclose something that the buyer might consider as material to their decision to purchase a home or as a buyer failing to disclose something that might affect your ability to buy to the seller. We are experts at coaching you on how to fulfill you obligations without scaring the other party out of the transaction.

Take it Easy! This Eagles classic talks about a less stressful life. In the hierarchy of stress, moving and selling your home can rank above a divorce or a death in the family for levels of stress. Combine one or more of these situations and the stress levels go through the roof. We are experts at getting our clients through this process with the least amount of stress. It is our job to bear the stress of the situation and we never get rattled or lose our cool even though the other agent and client may be off the rails.

Don’t Stop Believing!  My all-time favorite this Journey classic sums it all up. Whether you are waiting to see if your home will sell or waiting to see if it will close, faith is the most important thing. If you have hired the best team in the West Valley to sell your home the song gives you three options: “Some will win, some will lose, some are gonna sing the blues.” Our clients ALWAYS WIN!

Call Me!  The classic Blondie song tells you what to do next. Call me (call me) on the line, Call me, call me any, anytime, You can call me any day or night, Call me!

The first 10 house households to email me with the correct years these songs debuted and sign up for the newsletter will receive two free movie passes with the first one receiving 4 free movie passes. Maybe I am dating myself by my choice of songs but the bottom line is if you entrust our team with the sale of your home, we will go the extra mile to ensure that you are extremely satisfied with the outcome.

For all of your real estate needs give the Al Gage Team a call or shoot us an email!