11 Point Marketing Plan

  Our 11 Point Marketing Plan

 1. Your home is featured in this newsletter which reaches approximately 6500 current residents (including homeowners and tenants) in the immediately surrounding community. A surprising number of homeowners have family that want to live in this area. Tenants, who may now be ready and able to purchase a home, generally want to stay in the area they live now. 

2. We mail a full color Just Listed postcard specifically to your immediate carrier route (from 800 to 1000 homes). This combined with the presence in the newsletter generate a large pool of potential buyers for your property and increase their awareness of your property significantly.

3. Our Certified Pre-Owned Home Program, new to Welcome Home Realty and provided by One Guard Home Warranties, inspires confidence for potential buyers, which in turn leads to a higher offer price and less headaches and out of pocket dollars for the seller.

4.Our homes are uploaded to all of the major real estate websites including Zillow, Trullia, Realtor.Com as well as listed and marketed on my website.

5. Years of experience within these specific neighborhoods maximizes sales prices for you and your neighbors. I know which floor plans sell easily and which ones struggle to sell. As a homeowner and a dedicated specialist in this small area, my own home values and my business model depend on maintaining values and my reputation within the area. 

6. We do not make un-necessary recommendations for condition of a property based on our own preferences and tastes. I have seen many real estate agents recommend tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and upgrades with very little return on those investments.

7. We offer straight forward advice on what to price your home at, allowing access to a home and how to market the property. Some people do not like the straight forward old fashioned approach and would rather wait for the miracle buyer from California to buy their home. This happens, but is a very low probability.

8. With over 25 years of negotiation experience, we will avoid the pitfalls and mistakes commonly made by less experienced agents so that no money is left on the table.


9. We are experts (as much as you can be) at offering comparable sales to an appraiser and if necessary challenging an appraisal. That being said, it is not uncommon for a buyer to pay above appraised value at this time. That is not to say that you can demand any price and get it..

10. We offer high quality photography and if necessary hire a professional photographer to market you home in its best light.

11. Our mailing program usually provides us with a backlog of buyers for the Avondale/Litchfield area. As an example we were the buyers agent for 3 sales of listings in Avondale that will be closing this month.









Why our marketing Plan Works!