There is hope for our younger generation!

 I just finished returning from the state convention of the youth organization that I work with at the local high school. You would not think that a 17 year old could restore your confidence in the next generation but it happens. This young lady, who was a member of my state champion parliamentary procedure (debate) team from last year (we are also state champs this year) gave a presentation as part of her bid to hold a state officer position for the next year which will have her traveling all over the state for the next year representing the organization.

In her presentation, she talked about service to the community and the intangible characteristics of what a true leader should be. Her by line, which she admittedly had borrowed from a presenter at the Arizona Farmers and Ranchers Hall of Fame, was “Not all can be takers, some must be givers.” Having worked with this young lady for 4 years, I know that she is a quality individual with exemplary morals and ethics but seeing her express these values to fellow high school students (about 900) professionally and with passion makes me think that there might be some hope for this generation. The students in this organization do not spend their every waking moment with their face pressed to a DS, an I pad, a gaming machine, or a cell phone. They will look you straight in the eye, shake your hand and introduce themselves. Our country needs a lot more of this kind of young person.

I too am a product of this organization, so it comes very easily for me to put in the time and effort to support these students in any way I can. Her closing statement was something along the line that “her generation of leaders would determine the outcome of the world” and she is probably correct. If you would like more information about this program for you children feel free to contact me and remember, in life as well as business, the Golden Rule always applies whether someone is watching or not.

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